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Low Voltage ABC Systems
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  1. Insulation Piercing Connectors
  2. Pre Insulated Compression Fittings
  3. Fused Switch Disconnectors
  4. Strain and Suspension Cable Support Products
  5. Accessories for LV ABC

LOW VOLTAGE ABC SYSTEMS Flowline have a comprehensive range of Aerial Bundled Cable accessories available that are suitable for use in all Low Voltage distribution systems.

When constructing, extending or augmenting LV distribution systems our STRAIN AND SUSPENSION cable support products together with our LINE HARDWARE fittings will provide support for your mains system.

Our range INSULATION PIERCING CONNECTORS (IPC’s) cover the most common cable sizes from the largest mains to the smallest service and tap off cables currently in use. Where it is necessary to terminate or join the ABC mains cable using compression fittings our range of PRE INSULATED COMPRESSION FITTINGS will ensure a reliable connection.

Where fuse protection or switching of mains are required our range of 400 and 160 ampere FUSED DISCONNECT SWITCHES with various terminal options are designed and manufactured to give long term reliable service.

Of course mains alone do not get supply to your customers, this is where our SERVICE CABLE TERMINATION FITTINGS and items in our range of LOW VOLTAGE SERVICING products finish the job off.

When constructing ABC systems our range of ACCESSORIES FOR LV ABC and various items within our LINE HARDWARE products will complete the items needed for completion of construction of your next LV ABC installation.

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