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Low Voltage ABC Systems
Low Voltage Servicing O/H & U/G
Medium & High Voltage Insulation
Medium Voltage Cut Outs (EDO'S)
Fused Switch Disconnectors
Othe Products

Overhead Product Range

  • Live Line Clamps
  • Split Bolt Clamps
  • Copper and Aluminium compression fittings.
  • Parallel Groove Clamps
  • Aluminium Line Splices full and non tension
  • Service Connectors
  • Brackets for LV ABC
  • Brackets for LV Servicing
  • Copper and Aluminium "C" connectors

Underground Hardware Product Range

  • URD Service Pillars and Bases
  • URD Pit Connectors
  • Service Pits
  • Service Tee Joints
  • Aluminium and Bi Metal Sector Lugs and Links

Fuse LInks

  • BS and DIN HRC links
  • Medium Voltage Cutout Links
  • Medium Voltage Powder Filled Cartridges

Protective Earthing

  • Earthing Assemblies manufactured to specification
  • Earth Clamps
  • Accessories

Railway Fittings

  • Earth Clamps for Line, Rail, etc
  • Contact Wire Splices, Feeder Clamps etc.
  • Accessories

Safety Equipment

  • HV Wireless Phasing Test Equipment
  • 1,000 Volt Insuated Electronics Tools

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